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Athena Aurora Fund

an independent philanthropic and private investment fund created by M&T Alumni exclusively for M&T Alumni  to benefit the M&T program

About Athena Aurora Fund

The Athena Aurora Fund's mission is to strengthen the M&T program by building a strong community fabric of students and alumni. We are a philanthropic fund-of-funds independently created by M&T alumni, designed to enable the M&T alumni and parents to invest in top-tier funds founded by M&T graduates.

A Powerful Alliance

Though not directly affiliated with Penn or the M&T Program, Athena Aurora Fund brings together M&T Alumni, Parents, and Students in a powerful alliance to benefit the M&T program. 


M&T Alumni & Parents

  • invest in Aurora

  • gain exclusive opportunities in successful M&T funds

  • keep 50% of profits and 50% reinvested in M&T


M&T Students

  • help run the fund as interns

  • act as representative LPs

  • explore careers in venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and startups


M&T Funds

  • run by M&T alumni with a strong presence in the M&T community

  • provide opportunities for students to engage with new careers


M&T Program

  • our contributions fund opportunities to enhance M&T

  • expands the reach of M&T internationally

Join Athena Aurora.

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